Restaurants, Bars & Hotels

Restaurants, Bars & Hotels

Being an entrepreneur includes many difficulties, and opening a public establishment is a major project.

You took the plunge and are planning to open a restaurant, bar, hotel, pub, café or nightclub. You have defined your budget, gathered your documents and found your premises, but there is still something to do: arrange the place.

This step is essential in order to bring a lively touch in your commercial firm, because furniture and decoration define the identity of a place—which everyone must remember.

Think aesthetic and ergonomics!

When arranging your public establishment, you have to make it original and functional, the goal is to optimize space: for example, use benches or tables with a central foot to create more seating.

The choice of your furniture’s style is also an essential element: play with colors, luminosity and designs to create your desired atmosphere – the one that will please your clients.

I am sure you have understood that nothing should be left to chance. This is why aDesign offers to support you throughout your project. We can give you advices and solutions to open the establishment of your dreams.

We offer a large range of Restaurant, Hotel and Bars furniture, including tables, chairs, benches, low chairs and lightings, amongst which you will certainly find the style and the model you need.

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