Low Chairs

Low chairs

Originally, the low chair was a small armless chair designed to be placed near the hearth of a fireplace. It is synonymous with warmth, comfort and conviviality.

Nowadays, public spaces such as bars, restaurants, hotels, cafés and nightclubs use the low chair in their establishments as an original and elegant piece of furniture.

For this purpose, aDesign offers the collections you need: choose your model of low chair and discover our tables, chairs, armchairs,stools, benches, or even lightings that will adapt to the atmosphere that you wish to create.

We will be here to advise you about the best way to arrange your furniture. We make it a point of honor to listen to our customers, and create a well-designed space for you and with you.

Discover our range of furniture for public establishments, hotels and restaurants, and contact us to discuss your projects.

The Low chair : the touch of colour and comfort you need !

We could never say it enough: The image of your establishment is essentially based on the first impression of your customers. To leave an unforgettable memory, rely on original furniture lines especially made for public establishments, on seats that garantee the comfort of your customers, and on a personalized layout that will bring out the soul of the place.

The low chair also allows to vary the layout and the configuration of your different areas according to the atmosphere that you want to give: Open space or intimate, for a large assembly or an appointment of two persons … Among all the shapes, colors and styles of low chairs that we offer, you will undoubtedly find one that will make you happy!

Together with other ranges of furniture for Public Establishments, Hotels and Restaurants: tables, chairs, or benches, the low chair participates in creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, bringing its aesthetic and colorful touch.

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